Junior Golf Camp

Junior Golf Camps - Heritage Links

Heritage Links Golf Club would like to invite boys and girls ages 6-10 to participate in our Junior Golf Camps.

Our program is designed to:

  • Be fun and create enthusiasm for the game of golf.
  • Teach proper fundamentals and basic skills.
  • Educate juniors of basic rules and golf etiquette.
  • Contribute to the personal development of juniors by
  • Teaching social skills and emotional control.

Heritage Links Golf Club provides juniors with a unique opportunity to play and practice at a top quality golf facility. Junior golfers will be encouraged to use the facility to develop friendships and continue to improve their games.

Junior Camp Dates and Times-

  • June 26-29 10AM-12PM
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Heritage Links Junior Academy

COST $275.00
Dates and Times:         Saturday June 17th @ 7am
                                        Saturday June 24th @ 7am.
Specifics on this event:
These two sessions will be on course concentrating on
Shot making situations and course management. The sessions will be 1 ½ to 2 hours.
Dates and Times:            
Saturday July 2nd @ 7am                                                              Saturday July 8 @ 7am
Sunday July 9th @ 4:30pm                                                           Sunday July 22nd @ 4:30pm
Specifics on this event:
These four sessions will be how to practice with a purpose. We will concentrate on the following:
  1.  The Grip….The needed foundation to success.
  2. Alignment to a specific target.
  3. Putting….You will putt every putt with a purpose. Solid putting grip and alignment.
  4. Pitch and chip….We will wear out the short course. How to determine when to use what club. The age and playing level will determine if we send you home to put your 60 degree wedge in the closet.
  5. Full swing….Balance, tempo and finish.
  6. Distribution of USGA rule books unless you have it memorized.
This should give you the basics to improve your competitive game. Or, if you have not yet competed, it will enhance the beginning experience.
The traveling show is back for 2017!! We will compete in 4 events prior to the State MGA Team Championship. These events are included in the ACADEMY FEE.  If you qualify for one of the 4 teams to advance to state tournament, your registration is include in the ACADEMY FEE. The ACADEMY also includes your participation in the Heritage Can July 15, 16, 17 & 18. The ACADEMY also includes your participation in the HLJR MATCH PLAY EVENT beginning August 7th. On July 24th Heritage Links will be hosting a JR PGA event. We have reserved 12 positions for our ACADEMY members. We will have an in-house playoff for these positions. Your registration is included in the ACADEMY FEE.

The junior golfer will be required to be a HL season pass holder or a member of the HL junior league or attend John Mean’s HL camp June 25-29 to be a member of the ACADEMY. Participation in any one of these qualifies you for season membership within the ACADEMY.
ACADEMY bags awarded to player of the year and qualifying scores at traveling meets.
QUESTIONS CALL KIRK @ 612-868-9207 OR EMAIL @ heritagelinksjuniorgolf@gmail.com


Heritage Links Junior Academy


 Cost- $200.00

This if for the golfer interested in competing on high school golf team or competing in JR PGA or MGA events.

DATE & TIME: Time will stay consistent at 4PM. We will meet for 8 sessions on the following dates. 6/11, 6/25, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/6 and 8/16

The sessions will be 90-120 minutes of drills and making you accountable to practice with a purpose. We will work from the hole to the tee. That is correct!! Not the tee to the hole. We will work our scoring tools and then how to get there. The following are the sessions:

  1.  Classroom session
  2. Putting session
  3. Chipping session
  4. Pitching session
  5. Chipping-pitching-putting competition
  6. Full swing session
  7. Course management session—on the course
  8. 9 hole on course session—we will keep score.

This program will be staffed by the Lakeville South Boys Golf coaches. We have had success with this program within our high school and ACADEMY players.
If you have any questions, drop me an email:
heritagelinksjuniorgolf@gmail.com or call 612-868-9207

Kirk A Reiners